With respect and gratitute, we operate on the shared unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Lil’wat Nation.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2017 when we adopted our dog, Uma, from WAG Animal Shelter. It was love at first sight!

Uma (also known as Olive) was one of WAG's critical care cases. She was suffering from demodectic mange and entropion, a rare condition in which the eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball.

A week after we adopted her, her skin condition began to worsen. She lost a lot of hair, and her skin was pink and covered in sores and scabs. Poor Uma was struggling with intense itchiness and significant hair loss. On top of that, her eyeballs were continuously irritated by her eyelashes.

We had fantastic support from both the shelter and our local veterinarian clinic, but seeing her in pain every day without the ability to help was just terrible. While the only way to fix entropion was surgery (which we were patiently waiting for), we began looking for alternative solutions for mange treatment.

That was when my husband, a professional human chef, started researching dog nutrition and a holistic approach to pet care and diet. It was eye-opening! We learned about natural remedies, but we also realized that we knew nothing about the food and treats we were buying in the stores.

Almost every bag of dog treats was full of additives and high in carbohydrates and other junky ingredients. Finding dog treats with clear and simple ingredients was virtually impossible, so we decided to make our own. Since then, we have never bought "commercial" treats again.

Thankfully, we had access to the best products from the local farms in Pemberton. Constantine kept experimenting and making various delicious and nutritious treats for our friends, family and neighbours' dogs.


In the summer of 2018, we joined the Pemberton Farmers' Market to share our passion and delicious treats with local pet parents. The community response was terrific, and that encouraged us to keep growing.

From the very beginning, we decided that we would never compromise on quality. Our goal was to educate pet owners and encourage them to feed their dogs differently so that they could live longer and healthier lives.

- We use only the best ingredients, even when cheaper alternatives are available.
- We work with trusted companies to ensure the highest quality of our products.
- We partner with local farmers to support our community.

It was also crucial for us to have a social component in our company, be involved in community life, and support animal shelters. It was just the natural right thing to do for two animal lovers and the parents of two rescues.

- We regularly collaborate with local animal shelters to raise awareness for rescue animals.
- We donate a portion of the proceeds to support shelters' critical care funds.
- We supply treats for shelter animals to share our love.

Our story continues because of YOU.

We are thankful for your trust and support, and we promise to keep doing what we do best: creating delicious and nutritious products for your four-legged family members.


Tina, Constantine and Uma
*And also Ice (joined in 2020) and Akuma (joined in 2023)